One of the comments on the Answer Me 1988 post pointed out that the music for Tvn’s latest show Cheese in the Trap is great. I’ve watched YouTube snippets of Tvn’s Cheese in the Trap. Kim Go-eun is such a goddess who makes you want to look at her gorgeous face all the time! I am not familiar with the music for this show. I believe much of it or all of it are all original, created just for this drama by Tearliner who previously worked with the director Lee Yun-jeong. With that said, while I just don’t know enough to identify each soundtrack, I’ll try my best to refer to other sources and list the titles of the music used in the show.

What should I do (어쩌면 좋아) by Universe Hippie (우주히피)
Cheese in the Trap by Age Twenty (스무살)
Golden Coconut Club (Sentimental Scenery Mix) by Tearliner
Us whisper whisper (우리 소곤소곤) by Tearliner
I am Love by Tearliner (feat. Yozo)
Einfühlung by Tearliner
Siesta with the cat by Tearliner
Warm winter latte by Tearliner
Today also clear by Tearliner
Such by Kang Hyeon-min and Cho Hyeon-a
Silent sorrow (말 없는 슬픔) by Person and person (사람또사람)
Somewhere between love and romance (사랑과 연애 어디쯤) and by Tearliner
Past this block, you are (이 길 지나 너) by Tearliner
Samgak kimbab manual (삼각김밥 사용법) by Tearliner

Source: Tvn Cheese in the Trap official website