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I started this blog to learn more about Korean music and to practice writing about it.

It’s really a place for me to geek out over things that interest me.

I’ve always been drawn to Korean pop culture and its ability to create special memories. I was an HOT fan as a teen like many others. Prior to that I remember watching Shim Shin and Kim Wan-sun on a weekly music program from my great-grandmother’s ancient television with a dial switch. The first CD that I ever owned was Seo Taiji & Boys’ second album, but I wasn’t as aware as those who instantly recognized it as an important achievement in K-pop history. I remember my random Soribada searches and the joy of stumbling upon new music.

I hope this blog will help expand and deepen my interaction with K-pop and create more fond memories.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi my friend and i feel the same way about Kpop. We want to write about our own opinions on kpop plus korean dramas and the culture, I enjoy your blog and I wish I commented sooner, since I’ve always been a lurker lol but thank you for sharing your love for kpop on this blog.

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