Koyote is one of the only active unisex kpop groups today. It’s hard to think of other teams with both female and male members. This combination, which used to be frequent in the past, now seems more common among bands than in mainstream kpop.

On last week’s 1 Night and 2 Days, Lee Seo-jin, aka the art school brother, told Jong-min that he really liked Koyote’s new single that was played during the morning mission. Of all the songs by Koyote, I like the one in the above video the most. It is “Soonjung (순정)”, or “Pure Love”, which was Koyote’s debut track from 1999. It takes a sampling of London Boys’ “I am Gonna Give My Heart”. Instead of Kim Jong-min and Paekka, Cha Seung-min and Kim Goo recorded and performed together with Shin Ji.

“Pure Love” was such a huge hit that it was heard everywhere in Korea. My aunt who was never interested in latest kpop knew about this song; she joked that it made her want to go-go dance. The dance to Koyote’s song was also popular. It never failed to make us laugh when tried in classroom by girls in uniform.  Although Jong-min wasn’t part of the Koyote that sang “Pure Love”, watching the guys talk about Koyote’s new song on 1N2D as they readied to make breakfast made me want to listen to the dance song.